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5.25.12: finally figured out how to update this site again! ok a new zone dedicated to the astounding john "walking" stewart, who traveled the known world on foot, could appear in several places simultaneously, and wrote a bizarre and interesting series of philosophical works.
10.11.11: paper against consensus, a knockdown logical proof that the consensus of people like you is likelier to be false than true.
10.27.10: paper (bittinger lecture at gettysburg college): 'don't meen sheeit': on the necessity and impossibility of meaning for life
6.9.10: paper (keynote from the nordic society for aesthetics meeting in lahti, finland): the shape of the world: what if aesthetic properties were real?
2.27.10: paper: marxism and anarchism, or karl marx was a totalitarian
5.19.09 paper: reactionary progressivism: bill monroe, political philosopher
3.26.09 paper: non-resistance, abolitionism, and anarchism: connections in american thought, and the handout that goes with it: radical american reformers of the 19th century
1.13.09 handout: the task of definition
10.21.08 black nationalism and the arts of the twentieth century
10.4.08 student handouts: definitions of art, beauty; philosophy and its sub-disciplines; american musics; writing papers.
9.29.08 faith-based atheism
8.14.08 the darkness (a personal essay on addiction)
4.20.08 a new region devoted to the astonishing american radical abolitionist nathaniel peabody rogers
4.10.08 on a contradiction in rawls
3.30.08 for the workshop on critical posthumanism at concordia college: guns, dub, technique
8.21.06 stuff for students: writing philosophy papers (for cs)
8.16.06 a new "initiative": the josiah warren project: to publish and celebrate america's fundamental political philosopher.
6.6.06 final creators column: bigotry. it's back
5.30.06 creators: beauty contest time in lovely chechnya
5.30.06 creators: illegalize it
5.21.06 creators: new testament vs. da vinci code: clash of fantasies
5.14.06 creators: ours, the age of cowardice
5.1.06 creators the innocence of saddam hussein
4.25.06 creators: hearts and minds, yarns and jive
4.18.06 creators death of the blog
4.11.06 creators i yap the world
4.4.06 creators sixties again
4.1.06 chapters 40-43 of my trans of the tao te ching
3.22.06 creators: we hate freedom
3.15.06 creators: the mysterious mind of mccain
3.25.06 drew: cory maye, continued
3.25.06 drew: bring back my foreskin to me
3.9.06 creators: american kadima
3.2.06 creators: mardi gras in new orleans
11.05 creators: fantasy and reality, in lit and life
2.12.06 creators: standardized testing for college students
12.20.05 creators: rebirth of liberty
1.17.06 creators: james frey and pop redemption
1.31.06 creators: the u.s. and china have the same political/economic system
1.24.06 creators: bounties on professors
2.17.06 new chapters of my trans of the tao te ching are up.
2.14.06 drew: drew on frey
2.1.06 drew: the real state of the union
1.3.06 creators: 2005: the year in anarchy
12.27.05 creators: 2005: the year in atheism
1.9.06, creators: the florida voucher case
11.29.05 creators: the biopic decade
11.22.05 creators: what is a lie?
11.15.05 creators: evil or emptiness?
11.8.05 creators: disaster and euthanasia
11.1.05 creators: what this country needs is a good originalist
9.20.05 creators/latimes: suicide of the state
10.4.05 creators: william bennett, abortion, and eugenics
10.18.05 creators: he's a plamethrower at night
10.11.05 creators: jimbo for supreme court!
9.22.05: drew on katrina all we have is fingers
9.13.05: creators: declaring martial law
9.2.05: reverence for the ninth amendment
8.30.05: katrina and the cult of the state
5.10.05. tremble, people of faith!
8.2.05 creators: torturers and nitwits
4.28.05. creators: john bolton and leo strauss
4.19.05. creators/philly inquirerdictatorship of relativism
4.2.04. creators: problem popes
6.28.05. creators/philly inquirer: life and poker
7.12.05. creators: plamethrower

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